About Us

Business First Tours ( I ) Pvt. Ltd

           Business First Tours ( I )Pvt. Ltd is one of the most reputed and fast growing travel organization in India offering one stop shop
  for the travel needs of all segments of travelers. We have always been trying to pursue our goals to the best of our abilities and are successfully
  growing since April 2008. We sell group Tours, Individual Holidays, Air Ticketing, Hotels Reservations, Crusises, Tours, Incentives, Escorted Travel,
   FIT Travel, Online travel, Exhibitions, you name it. We at Business First Tours ( I ) Pvt. Ltd has focused to business travel, Mice and leisure travel
   of segment which want instant services and has done so many MICE Incentive movements successfully in past few years and unending list of
   leisure travel.
          At Business First Tours MICE, we believe strongly in the compelling power of recognition and how teams are built, efficiency is increased
  and people are motivated when work ceases being work and turns into play. Precisely why MICE is designed to realize the single most important   objective of a company towards its people. To the passion to excel. Allow us to show you how. In the pages that follow, let us to take you through
   our Philosophy, our work and the most imaginative reward programmers have ever experienced. We hope you enjoy the Experience as much
   as we enjoyed putting it together.

      What do we do for our clients.
          Tailor made Group Tours make fantastic alterative to fixed Packages, as we will arrange to suit your clients the objective of the tripe and
  make recommendation, in corporate activities encourage bounding our team building activities. Most importantly, all the destination featured
  in our website, we have the people on the ground and we have the knowledge and experience.

      Where do we have experience?
          Far east and throughout the India, Uzbekistan, UK, Scotland, Dubia, Mauritius, Hongkong, China, SriLanka, the south Africa, Europe,
  America to name just a few. Globally, we can assist with different size tours and take care of all the arrangements: meet and greet to the airport,   accommodation, sightseeing, excursion, dinner arrangements, entertainments, activates and anything else that your tours requires we can
  provide multi-center tours to give variety to your tour. For example, you could have three days in Singapore followed by three days in Malaysia
  or Thailand.

      Corporate Group Tours.
          We are experienced in arranging corporate Group tours. So many times clients and staffs are invited to meeting and events around the
   world but never get to enjoy the destination. If required, we tour of your chosen destination, exactly tailored to your requirements we will discuss
   the requirements of your tour and put together and itinerary that will insire and be enjoyed by your delegates. The tour will allow you to bound
  with delegates in much more relaxed atmosphere and at our own pace.

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