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At Lets Go Study Tours our ethos is simple. We want to engage students with their subjects and get them passionate about their studies. We want to help you encourage your students in their academic achievement and career development.


We  understand that  when choosing   a tour  operator you require the flexibility to choose and   plan your programme  to include elements relevant to your students. Therefore, our trips are specifically designed to meet your group's individual requirements. We provide enjoyable, informative and inspiring events for your students. ensuring you and your students have an unforgettable experience!
We pride ourselves on a range of fantastic tours in India and across the globe. We can guarantee excellent prices and availability as well as the best city centre locations so you are always in the best possible location for exploring your destination.


We can conduct study tour across the globe at most exciting venues: Europe, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, Thailand, Israel, Hongkong and lots more …

Industrial Visit
We offer your students an opportunity to visit Manufacturing Units, Universities, Government Projects, Local Market, Onsite projects and give them a chance to meet concern person and listen to their expertise and then quiz them during a lively Q&A session.

Business, Economics, Architecture. Pharmacy, Agriculture, Graphic Design, History.


Book with Confidence We are committed to  ensuring  the  safety of your group whilst  you are away   offer high quality teaching   and   learning experiences manage safety and risk effectively
(1) Lectures by eminent professors and Experts.
(2) Highly Qualified Guides and local staffs dedicated to the highest quality
of service in educational travel.
(3) Educational Visits to out-of the beaten track and locations.
(4) Special Visit to wildlife sanctuaries and archaeological sights.
(5) Special Cultural events such as tribal dance , camp fire, tented camps
(6) Delicious Dinning experience with local specialties with a taste of local culture including Breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.
(7) Your own 24-hour-a-day Tour Director with you on tour.
(8) Identify field for your study.
(9) Take permissions for field study and industrial visits.

Our well travelled staff are chosen for their experience, knowledge, efficiency and language skills to enable us to provide you with the best possible service, advice and information. Call and speak to one of our valued team today and start planning your next trip.

We welcome any group, no matter how large or small. We understand that smaller groups are just as important and require just as much planning. For group leaders looking to combine students from different subject areas, we can also tailor your trip to be completely cross-curricular with something to suit everyone and as inclusive as possible.

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