Switzerland Special

How we do it

With Business First Tours MICE, our Packages are designed around you and your people. Like paint ball  competitions for a renowned paint company and interactive fun filled activates for a software firm, a spectacular gala dinner at midst the pyramids, we’ve molded and your needs.  You can be rest assured that whatever be the length of stay,   the purpose of travel, the budget or  the destination, your trip will be tailor-made to suit your taste. so much so, that we would  encourage you to even give us  tour suggestions and ideas  to weave
into MICE to fit you a customized trip for you and your people.   Let’s take you
on a journey of the world that we have mastered   exploring for 4 years - such
that even if you and  your people have seen a destination  before, you’ll find   every minute as exciting and fresh as the first time. If you will allow us,  we’ll
help you  savour the most hidden   ingredients of country and its people, take
you on   historical voyages into beautifully countries, partake of    spectacular theme, events and gala dinner   and give you  the most adrenaline   rushing activates in exotic located to make every  travel opportunity for your  people
a treasured experience.
Making every journey come alive

We’re about looking for a dimension unexplored. Nuances of different countries and things that people there do that make it unlike any other destination in the world. In short, we are explore of every locale”s WOW factor.   Giving you the same exploratory pleasure,  our  every   MICE Events  revolves around Team Building & Team Motivation Activates specific to each country,  that we take to
a whole new level.   We call these  a   WOW  activates  plethora  of absolutely unique ,  fun  filled and never done before  events that  are   specific  to  each location.   From the  pursuit of clay   Pigeon Shooting to  planning  attacks  on
the enemy  territory  in the  battlefield in real Army Tanks, our WOW activates , are defined by the  essence  of leadership,   team building  & motivation .take
an extreme challenge   and conquer your team’s inhibitions at Kite boarding or Deep Sea Diving with Sharks for their ultimate thrill. you’ll find that most of our WOW activates come in the most unusual situation and extreme circumstances -specially crated to bring out the best in your people.
Switzerland Special
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